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The dream took wings of reality in the year 2008 and in no time became a passion. Kapil Dev’s elevens gave Patna the food and services which was ahead of his time. The legacy to serve the best in town still continues with progressive and innovative dishes.

Applauds and appreciation received from patrons encouraged us to go a step further to introduce another restaurant for the locals and travellers. Capital House café and the kitchen were then conceptualised with a few of the ‘dying art of cooking’ from the world over, especially in Europe. The soothing taste buds of we Indians and very adaptable and compatible with a few of the Afghani and Peshawari dishes. Both Locals and travellers are cherishing the handpicked dishes which we are serving now from across the globe.

Traveller’s comfort was also a part of our visionary Mr Anurag Singh. An inventory of sixty room nights was then created in the heart of Patna town. The concept of boutique hotels hence was brought to the capital of Bihar, called ‘The Capital House.’